Data to Profit: Leveraging Token Metrics API for Trading Success

A robust API that provides over 18 tested, actionable data endpoints that can empower traders, bots, and platforms. Our reliable data helps you make more informed trading decisions with less effort and has been rigorously tested to ensure accuracy.
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Empower Your Platform


Seamlessly connect our 18 tested, actionable data endpoints to help users make more informed trading decisions on your platform.


Give your platform an edge in the market with insightful research tailored to assist your evaluation to users.


Backtest your algorithms on historical and real-time data to ensure they are profitable before you put them into action.

Create a Custom Trading Bot

Automate your trades

With your own trading bot, you can finally automate your trading strategies and execute trades 24/7 without lifting a finger.

Build custom trading algorithms

Create and backtest your own trading algorithms to suit your investment style and preferences.

Monitor multiple markets

Keep an eye on multiple markets simultaneously and execute trades in real-time with your own trading bot.

Tired of Spending Hours Testing Different Data Points?

Don't rely on intuition alone. Craft data-driven trading strategies with Token Metrics Data API.
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