AI Reports

AI Reports πŸ“ˆ

AI reports are comprehensive, algorithm-generated assessments that scrutinize all available Token Metrics data points to produce a detailed textual report about the performance and potential of specific crypto assets.

Parameters: TOKEN_ID, SYMBOL



Token ID for identifying each cryptocurrency (e.g., the Token ID of BTC is 3375).


Token Name for identifying each cryptocurrency (e.g., the Token Name of BTC is Bitcoin).


The symbol of the crypto asset (e.g., BTC).


A report specifically tailored for traders, focusing on key metrics and indicators that help assess the short-term performance and potential of a crypto asset.


This report delivers an in-depth analysis of the fundamental aspects of a crypto asset, including its market, operational, financial, and competitive conditions.


A specialized report that evaluates the technological robustness and innovation of a given crypto asset, considering factors such as the quality of the code, scalability, and technical team.


Visualize on Token Metrics Application:

Go to the Token Details Page tab. This is where we showcase our AI Reports.

Screenshot from Token Metrics Application: Summary for Bitcoin.


Example Use Case:

The AI-Based Trader Grade Report endpoint in the Token Metrics Data API offers an immediate and efficient way to access a comprehensive risk-return analysis for any cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.

An example use case could be an investor looking for an in-depth analysis of Bitcoin's investment potential and risk. Instead of spending hours aggregating and analyzing data, they can simply pull the report, which provides them with vital information like maximum drawdown, volatility, cumulative return, 1-year return, and other performance metrics, all in one place.

By utilizing this endpoint, investors can make quick, informed decisions about their investment strategy, whether they're considering a new investment in Bitcoin, or reviewing their existing portfolio. In essence, the Data API makes comprehensive crypto analysis just a simple API call away.