Resistance & Support

Resistance & Support πŸ“ˆ

The Resistance & Support endpoint offers historical data on a cryptocurrency's previous support and resistance levels. It gives investors like you a clear insight into the price behavior of a coin. The endpoint always returns all historical levels and accepts a single parameter, the Token ID, to identify the cryptocurrency of interest. The data points include the date, Token ID, and support or resistance level.

Parameters: TOKEN_ID, SYMBOL



The date of the price level.


The symbol of the crypto asset (e.g., BTC).


The name of the crypto asset (e.g., Bitcoin).


Token ID for identifying cryptocurrency for calculating analysis (e.g., the Token ID of BTC is 3375).


The historical list of Resistance and Support levels for the asset.


Visualize on Token Metrics Application:

On Token Metrics Token Detail Page you can see the Resistance/Support Lines of the asset by selecting Resistance and Support Levels on the graph displayed within the Trader view.


Example Use Case:

These levels can be used by traders to figure out good points to take profit and set stop losses.