Token Metrics AI

Token Metrics AI πŸ“ˆ

Token Metrics AI is Token Metrics' AI Chatbot designed to help answer any questions about crypto. In its first version, the chatbot integrates data specifically from Token Metrics, providing targeted and relevant answers to various crypto queries. In future versions, more comprehensive data and sources will be included to cover an even broader array of questions that you or your users might have.


Query (string):

The specific question or query that the user wants to ask regarding crypto. This can be anything related to market trends, specific cryptocurrencies, trading strategies, etc.

Context (optional, string):

Additional context or information that might help the AI to provide a more nuanced or specific response.

Response Length (optional, integer):

The maximum length of the response. Users can specify this parameter if they want a shorter or more detailed answer.

Language (optional, string):

The language in which the user wants the response. While the default may be English, the chatbot could potentially support multiple languages.


Example Use Case

A trading platform can integrate Token Metrics GPT into their user interface, allowing traders and investors to ask real-time questions about various cryptocurrencies, market trends, or trading strategies. Users can receive immediate, data-driven answers without having to sift through multiple sources. This convenience enhances user experience and can lead to increased engagement on the platform.

Alternatively, an individual investor can use Token Metrics GPT to keep abreast of the rapidly changing crypto market, asking questions about specific coins, investment strategies, or market sentiment. It's like having a personal crypto analyst available at all times to provide tailored insights.