Scenario Analysis

Scenario Analysis πŸ“ˆ

The Scenario Analysis endpoint allows traders to gain a forward-looking perspective on their crypto assets by evaluating factors such as an individual coin's market dominance and the overall crypto market cap. This endpoint provides valuable insights that inform a trader's understanding of future price trends.

Parameters: TOKEN_ID, SYMBOL



The date of Scenario analysis calculation of the requested crypto asset.


Token ID for identifying cryptocurrency for calculating analysis (e.g., the Token ID of BTC is 3375).


The symbol of the crypto asset (e.g., BTC).


The name of the crypto asset (e.g., Bitcoin).


The different scenario of Total Crypto Market and asset's dominance, with the resulting price prediction.


Visualize on Token Metrics Application:

Go to the Token Metrics Token Detail Page and then click on the Scenario Analysis tab on the left side under Investor.

Screenshot from Token Metrics Application: Scenario analysis on Bitcoin judging by Total Crypto Market Cap and Dominance.


Example Use Case:

Example use-case

A trader can use Scenario Analysis to determine the potential price of a token based on changes in the total crypto market cap and the coin's market dominance. For instance, if a trader predicts that the total crypto market cap will reach $3 Trillion and the market dominance of Bitcoin (or the coin of interest) will reach 55%, they can calculate the implied price of Bitcoin as $86k.

Scenario Analysis can also be used to estimate the market dominance and total crypto market cap required to reach a desired price. For example, if the trader thinks that Bitcoin should be around $100k, they can determine the different combinations of market dominance and total crypto market cap that would result in this price, such as a market cap of $3 Trillion and dominance of 73%, or a market cap of $5 Trillion and dominance of 37%, or a market cap of $10 Trillion and dominance of 18%.