Token Details Price Charts

Token Details Price Charts πŸ“ˆ

The Token Details Price Charts endpoint offers a dynamic view of cryptocurrency assets through detailed price charts, featuring critical bull and bear signals. This endpoint uniquely overlays Token Metrics' Trader Grade on each chart, providing a nuanced analysis of short-term trading opportunities based on our proprietary algorithms. It's designed to assist traders in making informed decisions by evaluating the asset's current market position and potential future movements.




The chartUrl parameter returns a URL to a customized price chart snapshot for a specified cryptocurrency asset. This chart includes Token Metrics' bull and bear signals, alongside the Trader Grade for the asset, offering a visual representation of the asset's performance and projected trajectory based on selected filters.


Example Use Case:

The Token Details Price Charts endpoint is an essential tool for traders seeking to capitalize on short-term market movements. By integrating comprehensive price charts with Token Metrics' Trader Grade and market signals, traders can identify optimal entry and exit points. This endpoint aids in the visualization of an asset's performance, enabling traders to strategize effectively based on historical data and predictive analytics. Whether adjusting a day trading strategy or seeking confirmation for a potential trade, this endpoint provides the critical insights needed for informed trading decisions.