All Trend Indicators

All Trend Indicators πŸ“ˆ

This data point provides a simple, binary evaluation (1 for bullish, 0 for bearish) of each trading indicator, giving an at-a-glance view of the market sentiment across multiple indicators.




Token ID for identifying each cryptocurrency (e.g., the Token ID of BTC is 3375).


Token Name for identifying each cryptocurrency (e.g., the Token Name of BTC is Bitcoin).


The symbol of the crypto asset (e.g., BTC).


The technical indicator used. Token Metrics supports more than 20 different indicators.


Indicates the trend computed by the indicator, defined as either bullish (expecting price to rise), bearish (expecting price to fall) or neutral.


Specifies the exact day when the provided data or trading signal is relevant.


Visualize on Token Metrics Application:

Go to the Ratings tab. This is where we showcase our token Ratings. Look at the Trading Signal that is either bullish (1) or bearish (0). That is what is shown in this endpoint.

Screenshot from Token Metrics Application:


Example Use Case:

The trend indicators, specifically the Trading Signal on the Token Metrics platform, serve as a vital tool for investors who need a quick and effective way to gauge the short-term momentum of a given token. By assessing if the trading signal is bullish (1) or bearish (0), an investor can instantly understand the token's immediate trend direction.

A possible use case could be for an investor looking to time their market entries and exits more efficiently. By regularly checking the trend indicators, they can identify when a token's trading signal flips from bearish to bullish, indicating a potential uptrend. This could be their signal to enter the market and buy the token. Similarly, if the trading signal switches from bullish to bearish, it could suggest an upcoming downtrend, prompting the investor to consider exiting their position to avoid potential losses or short the token if their trading strategy allows for it. Thus, these trend indicators, available on the Ratings tab, provide crucial insights for making timely and informed investment decisions.